We cannot display this galleryAt Badia Ficarolo you will also find a restaurant, personally taken care of by the owner Enrica Romani, based on specialty typical of the Tuscan cuisine.
The dishes are prepared using biological products coming from our agricultural firm or from the surrounding territory.
The adventure of the ristorazione of Enrica Romani.
It deals with a real adventure in how much when I started I didn’t know anything of kitchen, everything was born from the passion for my land and for her fruits. In my opinion, nothing better than food to know customs and traditions of a territory.
My kitchen is respectful of the seasonality and qulity of the products, that are used with maximum simplicity, because when you taste foods you should understand what you are eating. It’s a kitchen that has a preference for the employment of biological products.
The choice of raw material is of fundamental importance for the result of a good dish, as well as simple cooking and use of our extra virgin olive oil. My dishes are those of the tradition.
In our territory we have abundance of chestnuts: I have conceived different dishes that foresee the use of them, from appetizers to first courses and cakes.
In my reastaurant pasta is usually hand-made, because it has a completely different taste from that obtained by mixer: I like also prepare bread and schiacciata.
To eat not only to feed on, but to satisfy all senses. I believe that cooking is of fundamental importance, because if it done with love and enthusiasm it can succeed in communicating your own culture.
Then two great loves “land and food” that are indissolubly tied up because it is from land that we derives our food.
We cannot display this gallery
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